Shooting Pennies From a Shotgun


Shooting Pennies From a Shotgun

Have you ever wondered whether it would be a good idea to cram some one-cent coins into a shotgun shell and fire away? Of course you have! And why wouldn’t you?

It only. Costs. Pennies.

The coins are a tad too large for 12 gauge, and flat disks don’t like to fly well… so Tao-whatshisname deforms the pennies into small metallic domes. This reduces the diameter and makes them fairly aerodynamic.

At 7 yards, a stack of these things showed impressive penetration into a hunk of lumber… and completely purees the Tatermaus. Oh, the humanity!

Backing out to 20 yards, results are still impressive — even when just one coin strikes the target. But they have trouble getting them to fly together… as the video shows, they didn’t try very hard to make them consistent in shape when they were bending the cents.

Kinda cool. And watch all the way to the end if you’re worried about the legality of squishing cents.


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