After the Hunt: Loading a Big Animal Alone


After the Hunt: Loading a Big Animal Alone

I ran across the above illustration a while back, and figured it was worth sharing with our readers. It shows a method of loading a large animal such as a deer, hog, or bear into a truck bed without herniating yourself or having to go fetch help.

You fix a pulley to a rope across the front of the truck bed, then thread another rope through it. Tie one end of that rope to the animal you’re loading, after getting it sorta-kinda started on a ramp made of something such as plywood.

Then you attach the other end of the rope to a fixed object such as a tree or post, and drive away.

Here’s a video that shows the method, and although he uses plywood for the video, he suggests you use 2×8 or 2×10 boards 8-10 feet long.

Here’s another idea; this guy made a “back board” to lash the animal onto. Then he can lift one end of the board onto his tailgate or ATV rack, then lift the pther end and slide it on in.

I have a UTV with an electric winch on the front. A loading method I’ve been happily using for a while now is to toss the synthetic winch line over the top of the machine and attach it to the animal, then simply winch the critter on up into the bed. Works like a champ!

What’s your favorite method for loading a heavy animal alone?

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