The Forgotten HK G36


The Forgotten HK G36

The German arms company Heckler and Koch has had a long and storied reputation for designing and manufacturing top quality firearms for military and law enforcement applications. Many of these models have found their way into the civilian ranks for everyday shooter use. The HK G36 is one of those weapons.

Even the parent company H&K describes this firearm as an “assault weapon” since arms in Germany were the initial weapons that assumed that name since WWII and later the G3 series. The G36 comes in a variety of models include those designated as rifles, carbines, light machine guns, and squad automatic weapons.

Production on the G36 series began in 1996 when the German Bundeswehr ordered 33,000 of the firearms with an additional 17,000 order to follow. Since, the G36 has been sold and used in 40+ countries worldwide and was even licensed to be manufactured in Saudi Arabia of all places. The G36 is still in limited production with 176,000 already produced. It has officially been used in 12 wars around the globe.

The G36C version one of the most popular weighs in at 6.2 pounds. Chambered for the 5.56×45 NATO round, it was one of Germany’s attempts to standardize with other NATO countries. The overall length with stock extended is 28.3 inches. The barrel is 9 inches with a width of only 2.5 inches. When principally made for military or LE use, the fire selector has three positions including “F” or continuous fire (FeuerstoB). There is a trigger group model that allows for only semi-auto fire which will be found in civilian models.

The extended stock can be folded to one side for vehicle carry and can be fired in this mode. Sights as issued for military or LE would include either a 1x magnification telescopic sight or a 3x power sight. Back up includes a notch sight. The box magazine is a double stack staggered design holding 30 rounds.

In an attempt to reduce weapon weight much of the G36 weapon is constructed of lightweight, corrosion resistant synthetic materials. The receiver and barrel are all steel. Ironically, the synthetic parts caused overheating issues under sustained fire conditions which became a distractor for the firearm among military use circles.

The HK G36C can be seen in action in the movie Miami Vice staring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. The G36 is the favored weapon of the Miami cop, Gina as seen in the movie. If you watch the movie, you’ll understand that the H&K G36C is one cool mojito. The G36C is one cool gun.

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