Suddenly I Want a Tiny Cannon


Suddenly I Want a Tiny Cannon

A cannon! Who wants to own one?

Yours truly. And, probably, you.

I stumbled across an ad for Mini Cannon Tech, which sells itsy-bitsy cannons that look like a real blast (har har). They are pretty scrawny and are merely BB caliber (0.177″), but they certainly pack a punch.

The following video shows the cannon being fired — and breaking things like a coffee mug, a bottle of beer, a glass-faced clock, two glasses of wine, a snow globe, an egg (less dramatic than you’d expect), and a steel paint can — and loaded. I was disappointed to see the BB projectile simply roll down the barrel of the cannon. Why such a loose fit?

I also object to the random destruction of good stuff, as well as wasting beer & coffee. Shameful. Oh, and I had to mute it to keep the bad music out of my head.

Here’s another video, this time showing the manufacturing process for their M6 Mini Cannon. As you might expect, the cannon itself is made on a CNC lathe with minimal labor… and the wooden carriage is the most labor-intensive part. The wood parts are obviously CNC-cut but require manual cleanup, assembly, and finishing.

The M6 Field Cannon Classic ($169.99) is seen in the videos above. Their website says it’s currently out of stock on those, but they’ll happily sell you a “Reenactor III” in brass or stainless steel for $89.99. Prices DO NOT include the “makings” (powder, shot, and fuse) needed to load and fire the cannon; that’ll run you $10 for a 10-shot kit (or just use the BBs you probably already have — who doesn’t have BBs? — and pick up some black powder or Pyrodex and cannon fuse at the local gun shop).

The “Reenactor III” design is more plain than the M6.

Here’s a video showing the loading and firing of one of those models:

I’ve seen a ton of cheaper ones online, but this company seems pretty decent and the product looks a lot cooler than most of the Chinese-made ones. Also, these are made in USA.

To shop for one of these handy-dandy little shooters, click here. C’mon, you know you want to!

I do anyhow.

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