Prepping to be a Landscape Sniper


Prepping to be a Landscape Sniper

Preparation is always the key ingredient to being ready for any contingency that might develop. Though the Covid-19 Pandemic might heighten the chances for civil unrest that could result in external assaults on you, family and property, in truth it can happen anytime. It is best to think about possible scenarios and to prepare for them.

Well in advance of a social pandemic or other type of SHTF when your home or property could be assaulted, figure out some optional observation and defensive positions. With food shortages, lack of medical supplies, or thieves just wanting to take what you have, home defense is an essential prepper task. When times get bad, even good people go bad. Bad people get worse.

Survey your property 360 degrees to know its strong points and especially the weak ones. What are the external avenues of approach to your home whether living in a city residential area or even a somewhat hidden rural location? Rural areas are particularly difficult to watch, safeguard, and defend. Plan how to defend all the possible points of entry or approach.

My own bugout hide away is only partially hidden. It is a rural location of several hundred acres with housing including amenities. The main approach is a gated drive off a state highway. It is far from totally secure. The cabins cannot be seen from the highway and there are no night lights. Still, ambitious thieves or worse could find their way in. That is why we patrol regularly and have created hidden observation points that can be used as defense positions.

One prepper friend has converted a salvaged steel dumpster into an observation and defensive container that is positioned back from his gated drive. It looks like what it is, except for an end door and additional window ports. He has added a bench and some creature comforts so he can hunt from the container or just watch highway traffic.

You may be able to create similar hideouts where you live. Be creative.

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