Gun Range Gear


Gun Range Gear

It’s a simple question, but one few of us really stop to think about. When we go to the range, what all should we take along? Be honest now, how many times have you made a trip to the range and after arriving discovered you forgot stuff you needed? For proper planning, the best thing to do is to make an equipment and gear list then laminate it for reference each time you plan a range trip.

Naturally a trip to the range for shooting practice or just recreational plinking begins with the gun or firearms you want to shoot. So first, lay out the guns you plan to take along to shoot. Check them over for everything you need and make certain each gun is ready for range work.

Next comes the ammunition you intend to shoot. Go through your ammo stores to pull the various loads you want to test or target shoot. Double check these for the bullet weights, brands, or bullet types you plan to shoot. Go through your stock of targets and pick out several you want to use. It may be rifle targets for hunting rifles, close range handgun targets, human profile targets, rimfire plinking targets, or fun targets like zombies, or wild animals.

Pull out your range bag and start to load it up. Add handguns, ammo, extra magazines. Put in hearing plugs, electronic hearing muffs, and safety shooting glasses. If you wear shooting gloves, throw in a pair. A small tool kit and a cleaning kit is a good idea in case it is needed for some adjustments or gun work at the bench. Have an open carry tote tray, too.

What else? Take sand bags, or a shooting rest for long guns like a Caldwell Lead Sled, or similar device. Don’t forget the weight bags, too.

Next, think further about other items you’ll wish you had once you get to the range. Pack or wear a hat for a sun visor. Take along a first aid kit with plenty of band aids. For target use, have some stick on dots or a roll of masking tape. The tape can be used to hang the targets but take some clothes line pins. Include marking pens and a notepad.

Remember some personal items like a cooler with several bottles of water or sport drinks. Pack some nabs or a sandwich. A cooler wrap for the neck can be nice and wet wipes. Then after you get to the range, write down for next time anything you wish you had but forgot.

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