New Hunting Film Seeks Support of Hunters: The Harvest


New Hunting Film Seeks Support of Hunters: The Harvest

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There’s an effort under way to produce a high-quality film about hunting in order to help non-hunters better understand and appreciate what we hunters are really all about. It’s called “The Harvest,” and they are looking for group funding via their website.

The film will be produced by the same people who produced “I Can Only Imagine” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” But, they say, “The executive producer on this one is you.”

Michael Waddell says this movie will “educate millions” of non-hunters about hunters, hunting, and the values therein.

“The voice of the hunter, the strength of the hunter, the assets of the hunter, are gonna be heard loud and clear.”

The family in the film:

  • Dave, father and professional hunter with a national TV show
  • Judy, non-hunting mother who supports the hunting lifestyle
  • Son of high school age
  • Daughter of high school age

After Dave gets a dream opportunity to grow his career, the family moves to New York City from Texas and “finds their faith and lifestyle powerfully tested by strong anti-hunter views and other stresses brought about by this major move.”

“As a strong Christian film, the viewer of The Harvest will be challenged to consider and evaluate the depth and power of their faith, while also exploring the beauty of the fishing, hunting and outdoor lifestyle, including generational bonds, conservation, economic impact and health benefits. In a profound and meaningful way, The Harvest explores and introduces viewers to the wonderful “heart” of the outdoors. For the first time America’s hunting heritage and story will be explained and celebrated on the big screen. Mirroring the Christian theme of self-examination, the film asks viewers to look deeper at their feelings and views of the hunting lifestyle.”

The website advertises weekly prizes for those who donate, and if you pony up $5,000 you get all kinds of nifty stuff — including producer credit in the movie.

Here’s a five-minute video they made as a proof of concept. It has a good message about how hunting isn’t always defined by (ironically enough) the harvest:

This next video is about a minute and a half, and opens with the observation that “86% of hunters connect their faith with their hunting.” It invites viewers to “join us at and let’s share God and hunting on the big screen.”

This movie sure does sound good, and I hope to see it come to fruition. I for one am ready for some positive things from 2020… how about you? Click here to learn more.

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