These are unusual and perilous times. Who would have thought just a few months ago that the whole country and half the world would be turned upside down by a viral infection? Only this time it is more serious than most of us have ever faced. Being locked down under a shelter in place order takes some adjustments. Regardless, we all have to work together as best we can to defeat this Covid-19 event.

We can’t view this pandemic as a solo event, thinking we can plow our way through this episode all by ourselves. We need to have some trust in others and reply on family, friends, and even neighbors to help each other. As in creating prepper teams, we now need to form alliances with those contacts around us to bridge the gaps we cannot always fill on our own.

There are senior citizens among us in our neighborhoods, perhaps the handicapped or already sequestered at home due to other conditions or illnesses that hinder them for caring for themselves. There may be young families or single mothers with young kids that need help. Some may not even be aware of the seriousness of the Covid-19 or what to do. We can still maintain our shelter in place regimen but reach out as it is safe to help others.

Reach out to others around you while still maintaining a safe social distance. You can call or talk to each other with safe spaces for all. It is a good practice to stay in contact with all those around you to maintain a sense of security and well-being. This after all is what always made America great in the early days. Now is the time to keep these practices alive.

As well, it is time to re-activate or initiate a sort of “Neighborhood Watch” program to keep an eye out for activity in the area. During times of peril it seems to bring out the unsavory elements in our society to prey upon others. This is especially true after a natural disaster such as a tornado or destructive storms when “repair” crews frequent residential areas. The virus pandemic may also bring about such threats. Stand ready to assess such developments.

It is not the suggestion that neighborhoods designate armed posies’, but just keep out an observational mindset with security protection an element to be considered by a few trained and equipped to do so. Quaranteaming is just a form of organizing a residential area where everyone is sheltering in place already.

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