Harrell Reviews the Ruger LCP2 in 22 LR


Harrell Reviews the Ruger LCP2 in 22 LR

(Image: Screenshot from video)

For those who might want to carry a little bitty rimfire gun for self defense (not my cup of tea, but who asked me?), Paul Harrell recently reviewed Ruger’s LCP2 chambered for 22 Long Rifle (LR).

He dives right into pointing out some differences between this model and the 380 ACP version of the LCP2: The 22LR version has a manual safety and a magazine “safety” (won’t fire without the mag inserted).

Aside from that, weight and size are pretty much the same.

Shooting reveals that his LCP2 functions nicely with a variety of ammo, something that cannot always be said of semi-auto 22 LR pistols.

In the middle, there’s some shooting comparison of 380 ACP & 25 ACP with various 22 LR ammo, and he shoots a variety of 22 LR groceries in the LCP2 22. Then he sits down to talk it over and observes that he doesn’t like the manual safety because it’s awkward to use.

Is it right for him (or me)? Nope. But maybe it’ll work for you.

You be the judge.

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