Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit: Stretch Out That Glock!


Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit: Stretch Out That Glock!

Lately I’ve been enjoying a new product on the scene. It’s a stabilizer kit that turns most Glock pistols into non-NFA version of a pistol caliber carbine, complete with folding stock – er, brace. Called the 20/20 Stabilizer Kit, it’s made by Recover Tactical of Israel. It’s designed by Tamir Porat, who also drew up the current model of the renowned IWI Tavor bullpup carbine.

This is the third such brace system I’ve tested, and it’s by far the easiest to go from unboxing to shooting. The Recover Tactical website has a brief instructional video that shows the setup. From this un-narrated, short bit of instruction, I was able to put the device together and insert my Glock 19 with none of the newbie struggle I’ve come to associate with these systems.

There are three main parts to deal with on the 20/20. First, of course with an unloaded gun, is matching up the slide-racking controls and screwing them together tightly with an Allen wrench. Then, a larger screw in front of the trigger guard must be removed. It holds the two halves of the kit together, and when tightened, clamps the stabilizer around the pistol lengthwise. Tools for installation/removal are provided.

Once the stabilizer is clamped on, opening and racking the slide is done by putting rearward pressure on the window-like frame around the slide. There is easy access to the slide lock and magazine release when the kit is in place.

The folded gun/brace combo fits easily into my 13 x 9-inch zippered case and is handy to transport. To make carrying it even more convenient, there are packages that include a one-point sling and an outside-waistband holster for it—though carrying it OWB would be clunky in some settings.

To fire the gun inside the stabilizer, open it and feel the hinge lock snap into place. Sighting is done through the window of the charging flange and looking at the regular sights. The charging handle/window comes in two sizes; both are included. I chose large.

“Streching” the brace between my support and firing hand.

Shoulder firing must be done with the cheek about midway up the arm of the brace. Were I to use it in this way all the time, I’d build up a cheek riser there with some foam and adhesive bandage. The Velcro brace loop offers another option, the traditional braced method in which the forearm is inserted into the loop. The G19/device aren’t heavy and even with chronic wrist issues I can fire it comfortably when it’s braced and held at arm’s length.

It’s also possible to grasp the vertical butt of the brace in the support hand while the firing hand holds the gun at arm’s length. Exerting a stretching motion on the device, with the primary arm pushing forward and support arm pulling back, offered excellent stability and a quick sight acquisition.

The only way I tried this device that wasn’t successful was putting the butt of the brace against my cheek. That resulted in disruptive recoil being felt.

I really like the ease of installation of this device, and like not having to change any original parts on the pistol. The 20-20 Stabilizer could prove ideal for people with certain physical challenges in the upper body. It encourages accuracy for anyone shooting at distance thanks to its stabilizing qualities. It has a place in home defense also, aided by the presence of a picatinny rail to which a light can be attached.

This brace system can be used with a suppressor and with a red dot mounted on the slide. The design assumes you’re willing to use your optic, if your pistol wears one, as a racking lever.

The brace is less than 11 inches folded.

Ordering a 20-20 Stabilizer is best done through YRS, Inc., a distributor for Recover Tactical. Their availability and delivery schedules, not to mention prices, are superior to using direct order. The 20-20 Stabilizer is priced at $99.95, with upgraded packages with sling, side rails, mag carrier, and/or holster costing up to $89 more. Any purchase qualifies for 10% off with store email list enrollment.

This is a non-NFA regulated, affordable way to add some fun and distance accuracy to your Glock.

SPECIFICATIONS: Recover Tactical 20-20 Stabilizer

  • Length, folded: 10.25 inches
  • Length, open: 18.0 inches
  • Width: 3.0 inches
  • Weight:  11 ounces
  • Material: Polymer
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