What’s the Best Brush Cutter Blade for a Weed Eater?


What’s the Best Brush Cutter Blade for a Weed Eater?

(Image: Screenshot from video)

I know I’m not the only person on AllOutdoor who sometimes needs to clear brush from my property, and I have tried a few brush cutting blades on weed eater string trimmers before. Some worked, some didn’t. It’s been years since I tried any, and technology is always changing. What’s the best kind these days?

Project farm decided to dig right into that subject, take a bunch of blades for a spin, and see how it shakes out.

He tests them in phases:

  • Performance on grass & small trees
  • Durability against steel pipe & concrete block
  • Back to small trees to see if they still perform after hitting by the pipe & concrete (to simulate accidental contact with hard objects)

The blades tested are:

  • Blue Cat BCB-4T 10″ blade (4 teeth) (China) — $10.49
  • Renegade Razor-Hybrid PN 9-68 (68 carbide teeth) (China) — $15
  • Euros Trimmer Head B07R957Y1K (6 hinged steel teeth) (China) — $16.99
  • Oregon 8″ Brushcutter Blade PN 41-927 (20 teeth) (Sweden) — $19.94
  • Forester #CUT-9 “Saw Chain Grass Blade” (20 chainsaw teeth) (China) — $23.95
  • Echo 44X147 10″ Brush Blade (80 teeth) (Japan) — $35.80
  • Husqvarna Multi 300-3T Blade (3 teeth) (Norway) — $36.25
  • Stihl 7.9″ Blade (80 teeth) (Japan) — $42.95

After the initial testing, my favorites are the carbide-toothed Renegade and the chainsaw-toothed Forester — which even comes with a round file for sharpening the chainsaw teeth that are riveted to the blade. But how will they stand up to the torture test of steel pipe and concrete block?

My picks were the top two in speed of cutting through small tree trunks after being damaged. I am definitely a fan of carbide teeth on a “circular saw” type blade and I really like how the chainsaw teeth cut a large kerf and can be sharpened.

That said, if you’re looking for a steel blade for cutting grass, the Husqvarna Multi 300-3T looked pretty good…

Check out the video for full details, and comment below if you have any good brush blade experience to share.

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