Should you Mix Ammo for Concealed Carry?


Should you Mix Ammo for Concealed Carry?

(Image: Screenshot from video)

I often enjoy Paul Harrell’s approach to things, and in the intro to this video I liked the way he expressed apparent disdain for “mixing ammo” by simply asking a question, “Why would you do that?”

The question he’s addressing was asked by viewers: Do you think it’s a good idea to mix ammo in your concealed carry gun?

My initial reaction is reflected in Paul’s question above. I can see no good reason for it. But what the heck, I’ll keep watching.

As for the reasons why, one is to stagger expanding bullets with non-expanding bullets, so your firearm will be better able to handle a wider variety of scenarios (the non-expanders will usually give better penetration).

And some folks mix ammo from different brands on the off chance they get some unreliable ammo from a bad lot. Okay, I can see both points.

Paul recommends against mixing ammo, and he starts by demonstrating that different ammo will often hit in a different spot relative to your sights. He then expounds at length to explain some of his opinions on ammo-mixing.

I’ll omit the anecdotes and repetition and just sum it up for you: Mixing ammo is something criminals often do, therefore if you are involved in a defensive shooting with mixed ammo, responding officers will likely view you with suspicion of varying degrees, so it’s best not to do so. Perception is reality, and cops perceive ammo-mixing as something criminals do.

That’s why Paul doesn’t mix ammo for defensive use, anyhow. And it’s a valid point.

Do you feed a mixed bag of groceries to your concealed piece? Why or why not?

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