Ye Olde Pocket Shotgun: Chichester Revolving Shotgun


Ye Olde Pocket Shotgun: Chichester Revolving Shotgun

(Image: Screenshot from video)

So you want a shotgun you can slip into a pocket, eh? Well, no dice. Turns out, “pocket shotgun” is only a name, kinda like “compact car.” It’s essentially a crazy-long-barrelled revolver handgun with a shoulder stock fitted on, and a funky sort of sheet metal shield behind the cylinder to protect your peepers from bits of burning powder & whatnot.

It was made by Hopkins & Allen for Chichester Rifle Company. Ian says:

“It’s spelled chy-chester, but because it’s British it’s pronounced chichistuh.”

…but actually the company was based in Jersey City, NJ.

This revolving rifle is chambered for — wait for it — 38 rimfire shotshells!

You heard me.

The cool sheet metal face shield doubles as an aperture (peep) sight, too. Nice!

Psssst, Ian. That rear sight is a groove, not a trough. It ain’t for feeding critters…

It’s an interesting old shootin’ iron, and he even shows us two different versions.

Here’s a link to the auction page for this gun (click here), slated to go up for auction on Sept. 12, 2020.

Ever seen anything like this? (No, the Taurus Judge doesn’t count.)

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