Archery Hunter Gored, Killed by Elk He’d Arrowed


Archery Hunter Gored, Killed by Elk He’d Arrowed

(Image by Oregon State Police)

Oregon State Police (OSP) recently reported that on Sunday, August 30, 2020 a hunter was killed by an elk he’d shot with an arrow the day before.

Here’s the news release from OSP:

“On Saturday, August 29, 2020 Mark David (66) from Hillsboro was archery hunting on private property in the area of Trask Road E in Tillamook, OR. David wounded a 5X5 bull elk but was unable to locate it before dark.

“David and the landowner attempted to find the wounded bull on the morning of Sunday, August 30, 2020 at approximately 9:15 A.M., David located the bull and attempted to kill it with his bow. The elk charged David and gored him in the neck with its antlers. The landowner attempted to help David but he sustained fatal injuries and died.

“The elk was killed and the meat was donated to the Tillamook County Jail following the investigation.

“OSP was assisted by the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, Tillamook Fire and Rescue and the Tillamook County Medical Examiner.”

Always use caution with wounded animals, folks! And if you want my opinion, don’t go hunting big animals without a firearm.

Stay safe, my friends.

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