Emergency Wound Closure in the Field


Emergency Wound Closure in the Field

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Here’s some info that might be a big help in an emergency situation in which you or someone else becomes injured and requires treatment. It’s a non-invasive and non-destructive way of closing up a wound using duct tape, a needle, and some cordage.

“The Gray Bearded Green Beret” starts off this short video by talking about sutures and the needlessness of sewing up a wound in the field, then describes a good method of using a tumbler or jug of water to clean out the wound before closing it.

You don’t really want a wound entirely closed, because it still needs to drain.. but you want to control bleeding and prevent infection, and closure is good for both of those.

This method is really cool, and I’m glad I watched this video. Here’s hoping I never need this info, but it’s great to have it just in case.

Check it out.

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