Biggest Mistake Deer Hunters Make


Biggest Mistake Deer Hunters Make

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Here’s an interesting deer hunting video from big buck hunter Don Higgins, in which he talks about the number one mistake that prevents hunters from getting a crack at a big buck on their hunting property. In short, that mistake is too much human activity on the property.

Don says things like improving stands, making fake rubs & scrapes, and planting water holes just create pressure, which repels mature bucks like nothing else does.

He says the only way to hunt and kill a big buck is to hunt them where they bed, which is where they spend their daylight hours. And if your land has more pressure than neighboring parcels, bucks will bed elsewhere and you are probably not going to get a shot at the the big ones.

He says he hunts only the edges of his property in order to allow the deer to feel safe in the heart of the parcel… and that allows him to kill the biggest buck on the property, year after year.

He clearly has a point, as he takes big bucks consistently and this video is definitely worth a watch.

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