DIY PVC Bow With 50 Pound Draw


DIY PVC Bow With 50 Pound Draw

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Here while back — yikes, it’s been more than five years ago now — I shared a video here about a DIY slingshot bow made of PVC pipe. Basically an arrow-shooting slingshot, it looked really cool. And today I’m sharing another DIY PVC archery video, but this time we are making a sure-nuff bow with a 50-pound draw weight using a simple length of 1″ schedule 40 PVC pipe.

The pipe the Backyard Bowyer starts with is 56 inches long, and he doesn’t waste any time describing how to determine draw weight and length, and he does a good job telling viewers about the flattening jig for forming the limbs of the bow.

For heat, he just uses a campfire.

There’s not a lot of editing so you may want to skip ahead during the long sequences when he heats the pipe, but he does talk during a lot of it, so make sure you don’t miss some important advice.

After heating each end of the pipe until it gets all flop-doodly (technical term), he uses his flattening jig to smoosh it into a nice taper. Then he forms the handle, after which he goes about forming the ends of the bow.

I like how he does the ends by doubling & pinching the PVC to form the part the string will go onto.

When he’s done with the bow, it looks pretty good — although one limb bends more than the other. As a bonus, he shows us how to make a good stout bow string using artificial sinew, rather than relying on the paracord he used earlier.

It’s a pretty cool process, and I do love making useful things. Enjoy!

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