Shooting Clays With 22 LR Full-Auto Tracers!


Shooting Clays With 22 LR Full-Auto Tracers!

(Image: Screenshot from video)

This looks fun. Shooting clay pigeons, a.k.a. skeet, with full-auto 22 rimfire rifles — using tracers! Oh man. 22plinkster has a pretty great job.

As always, I could do without the dumb background music playing throughout the video — am I the only one? — but watching this does make me long to join these guys in trying to bust clay birds with 22 LR “machineguns.”

And that’s the whole point of the video… just a fun few minutes of shooting. Nothing wrong with that!

I need to fill my to-do list with things like:

  • Get a clay thrower
  • Get a 22 LR full-auto
  • Get a passel of 22 LR ammo (including tracers)

Did I forget anything? Check out the video while you think it over.

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