Never do This to Your Leaf Blower


Never do This to Your Leaf Blower

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Steve of Steve’s Small Engine Saloon tells us about something we should never do with a leaf blower — and (spoiler alert) that is restricting the air flow to concentrate it.

You know how it is; the blower comes with a big round opening at the end of the pipe, and you just want the thing to concentrate the air flow so it’ll do a better job at blowing away leaves and dirt. So you come up with some kind of rig to narrow the opening… but Steve says that will kill your blower’s engine!

Now I suppose I’m in the clear, because the flattened nozzle on my blower is a factory item… here’s hoping Stihl wasn’t trying to kill my blower when they made it.

Oddly enough, a restricted tube will cause the engine to rev faster than it should. You would think the engine would be working harder to force the air through the tube, therefore if anything the RPMs would be lower — but that’s simply not the case. I suppose the backpressure inside the restricted tube acts with the fan blades to “help” the engine spin faster.

Steve runs the same blower with a wide-open tube and a restricted tube, and the RPMs take an amazing jump from 7300 to 9020! Extended use at that speed would certainly kill the machine.

Bottom line: Enjoy the video, and don’t squish or restrict your blower tube. You’re welcome!

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