Pelican to Launch Personal Wet/Dry Cooler on Black Friday


Pelican to Launch Personal Wet/Dry Cooler on Black Friday

(Image: Pelican Products)

On Black Friday 2020, Pelican will launch a new cooler which they say “is the first on the market to separate wet and dry storage.” Essentially, it’s got a storage compartment inside the cooler lid in which you can store low-profile (flat) items well away from the cold stuff. They even included a little ridge in there so you can prop up your phone or tablet.

A couple years back, I reviewed a small Pelican cooler here on AllOutdoor and found it to be pretty dang good. This new one is hard-sided and they’re calling it a “personal” cooler, rated at 14 quart capacity. I would expect nothing less than great quality from Pelican, and I like the integrated magnetic bottle opener on the new model.

(Image: Pelican Products)
(Image: Pelican Products)

It certainly looks a lot tougher than the old Playmate cooler Dad used as a lunchbox. You can click here to visit the Pelican coolers page and keep a lookout for this cooler, when they make it available.

Here’s the press release:

Pelican Launching Its 14QT Personal Cooler, the First Cooler to Separate Wet and Dry Storage, on Black Friday 2020

TORRANCE, CA – November 19, 2020 – The new Pelican™ 14QT Personal Cooler is the first on the market to separate wet and dry storage, and it will be available at on Black Friday 2020. It features a dry-box section in its lid to separate electronic devices and flat personal items from internal ice and the elements outside. It also boasts an easel slot for smart phones and tablets.

“Designed for either every day carry or weekend adventure, the Pelican 14QT personal cooler features will enhance your journey,” said Stephan Corti, Pelican’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Its industry leading wet/dry storage separation will keep your meal and drinks at the right temperature for a day and a half.”

The Pelican 14QT personal cooler fits up to six standard beverage cans, as well as two Pelican™ Ice Packs. The freezer-grade gasket, PRESS & PULL™ latches and 1.5” thick polyurethane foam work together to offer up to 36 hours of ice retention. Additional features include:

  • A removable inner tray to keep non-perishables cool and dry
  • An integrated bottle opener with a magnet that catches bottle caps
  • A snap in flexible lid organizer
  • A wide grip handle and a walk-way cut out for easier, ergonomic transport

With an MSRP of $99.95 USD, it is available in White/Gray or Dark Gray/Green and is covered by a three-year limited warranty.

Pelican Products, Inc. is a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.

(Image: Pelican Products)
(Image: Pelican Products)
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