Gamakatsu Introduces New G-Box Reversible Utility Case Tackle Box


Gamakatsu Introduces New G-Box Reversible Utility Case Tackle Box

Gamakatsu 3600 (left) and 3200 G-Box Reversible Utility Case Tackle Boxes

If you have fishermen on your Christmas list, you might want to check out some new tackle boxes from Gamakatsu. They’re reversible, breathable, and available in two sizes according to a recent press release. They might be worth a good close look if you are looking for gifts for a serious fisherman with lots of tackle to store. I like that they are reversible, so you can store goodies in both sides of each box.

I’m a simple fisherman who only needs a few hooks, sinkers, and bobbers, but I know I’m the exception to the rule. And I confess, I do have a fairly huge tackle box full of stuff I never use. So we all need to store our tackle. Anyhow, here’s the press release:

Tacoma, WA — Gamakatsu takes tackle storage to the next level with the new G-Box Reversible Utility Case. The innovative design places a lid on both sides of the box, effectively creating two separate containers in one unit. The G-Box Reversible Utility Case also features drain holes, so moisture isn’t trapped, and any wet tackle can dry on its own.

Each side of the G-Box Reversible Utility Case has its own lid, doubling tangle-free storage space in each container. The new design features v-shaped dividers that keep jigs, crankbaits and other favorites organized and ready to go. Stash a different type of lure on each side and switch fishing styles with a flip of a box. Wide, locking latches keep the boxes securely shut as they bounce along in the boat or your bag.

At the bottom of each v-shaped storage slot are holes that allow water to drain and moisture to escape through the lid, so you won’t have to worry about rust forming on your lures every time you swap baits. Saltwater anglers can flush the brine off their lures quickly and easily by sticking their boxes under a hose or rinsing them in the sink. Just close the box when you’re done, and pack it away until your next trip, confident the airflow will dry your tackle.

Everyone from offshore fishers to panfish anglers can benefit from the innovative storage offered by Gamakatsu’s new G-Box Reversible Utility Case. Two different sizes, 3200 and 3600, are available to handle everything from square-billed crankbaits to deep drop jigs. Whatever you fish for, keep your hard baits organized, protected and ready to go with the G-Box Reversible Utility Case.

Gamakatsu G-Box Reversible Utility Case Features:

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