Deceased Hunter’s Best Friend Hung Stand, Sign in his Memory


Deceased Hunter’s Best Friend Hung Stand, Sign in his Memory

A deceased hunter’s best friend placed his stand and a sign in remembrance of him.

It’s been a long time since 2003, but some things have staying power — such as this simple sign placed on a tree in the woods along with a tree stand, both hung in memoriam of a hunter’s best friend.

Part of it is a sight many of us hunters have seen more than once before. An old and much-weathered climbing tree stand hangs at the base of a hardwood tree in the fall woods. It’s clearly been there for years and hasn’t been used for a long time. The tree has grown since the stand was placed around it, causing the top and bottom sections to have quite a steep angle.

When stumbling upon it, most hunters would assume it had been placed and then abandoned by its owner… but a closer look reveals a wooden sign hanging on the tree, with some words engraved into it.

hunter's best friend

The contents of the sign are enough to give pause to anyone; it’s a simple thing which speaks volumes in just a few words.

Mike Ward’s best spot.
He drown in Beech Fork.
Please don’t steal his stand.
Best Friend
David Pasons

hunter's best friend

It’s enough to make an old hunter’s eyes leak.

For me, it’s a reminder of the day my father’s ashes were scattered by his closest loved ones at his own Best Spot, the big oak tree from which he harvested more deer than anywhere else.

Good on ya, David. You have my respect and condolences.

R.I.P Mike.

Thanks to “Deer Blinds & Fishing Lines” for sharing these photos.


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