Gorilla Grip Gloves Offer Non-Slip and Cut-Resistant Gloves


Gorilla Grip Gloves Offer Non-Slip and Cut-Resistant Gloves

(Gorilla Grip Gloves VEIL glove in Spectre Green)

I recently ran across a press release for Gorilla Grip Gloves, and they seem pretty dang useful. Over the past few years I have been using gloves more and more, as even the thinnest gloves can protect my hands and enhance my grip. Gorilla Grip gloves say they do all of that and more — and I really like that some models are cut-resistant. I would be a lot happier cleaning fish with good grippy gloves that prevent me from being stabbed by the fins or by my own clumsy knife handling. Heck, they might even be helpful when skinning deer, as I’ve already cut myself more than once this deer season.

They say their gloves are “dipped in a polymer that repels slime, grease, and fluids to enhance the grip.” I kinda like the notion that the slick stuff is actually repelled by the glove, but I wonder how well it works in real life.

Anyhow, here’s some info from the press release:

Gorilla Grip gloves protect hard-working hands in the outdoors, and each glove provides the never slip grip users trust. Gorilla Grip technology grips in dry, wet, and even oily conditions, making them perfect for demanding outdoor use.

Gorilla Grip VEIL gloves feature a quick-dry, breathable design and are available in exclusive Veil® camo patterns – Aqueous, Wideland and Spectre Green – perfect for outdoor activities requiring nimble fingers. Their skin-tight fit allows finger dexterity for delicate tasks and is touchscreen compatible – even when wet!

  • Gorilla Grip technology – maximum grip in dry, wet & oily conditions
  • Exclusive Veil® Camo Patterns for style and outdoor activities
  • Breathable, quick-drying and light knit shell
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Sold individually $6.99 or in 3-packs $15.99

Gorilla Grip MAX Fingerless gloves give you the best of both worlds – the nimble dexterity of bare fingers with the grip and protection of a Gorilla Grip glove. The skin-tight fit and breathable design in a fingerless cut allow unfettered fingers while delivering a supreme grip in the water. The MAX series features an all-terrain heavy-duty ribbed gripping surface that pushes grit to the valleys for maximum contact and grip.

  • ¾ finger allows maximum dexterity, comfort, and performance
  • Extended cuff for sun protection
  • Breathable, quick-drying and light-knit shell
  • Perfect for fishing and outdoor recreation
  • Color – Blue
  • Sold individually $7.99 or in 3-packs $17.99

Gorilla Grip + ANSI Level 5 Cut Protection gloves resist cuts and provide extreme flexibility. These gloves allow natural movement while providing maximum wet and slimy grip performance – perfect for cleaning fish and all other outdoor activities on the water.

  • Gorilla Grip technology – maximum grip in dry, wet and oily conditions
  • HPPE & Steel Knit Shell (entire glove) is ANSI 5 Industrial Cut Protection rated
  • Excellent dexterity and a skin-tight fit
  • Breathable and light heathered color is cool and protects in the sun
  • Color – light heathered grey with a black palm.
  • Sold as pair MSRP $9.99

Gorilla Grip + ANSI Level 5 Cut Protection + RhinoFlex™ gloves provide outstanding protection and grip. Its breathable design with tough outer polymer skin is flexible for more natural movement while providing impact and abrasion protection; the HPPE and steel knit shell resists cutting. A tough outer polymer skin gives impact protection for the back of the hand and knuckles.

What do you think of these? Any good for outdoor life, or what? I can definitely see their usefulness around camp, in the woods, or while fishing. And the cut-resistant ones might be just the ticket for butchering a deer or hog.

Visit their website for more info on Gorilla Grip Gloves.

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