Toilet Wax Rings as Bullet Lube. Who knew?


Toilet Wax Rings as Bullet Lube. Who knew?

(Image: Screenshot from toilet wax rings as bullet lube video)

I’m not sure how I went this long without knowing about YouTuber FortuneCookie45LC, a fellow who’s been accused of being “the Mr. Rogers of reloading” (a title that seems pretty accurate). But with this new video, I believe I’ve become a fan.

It starts out by showing a bunch of Christmas decorations, but take heart! It soon gets to the part reloaders will appreciate, which is a new solution for reloaders who cast their own bullets, or who buy unsized/unlubed bullets. And that solution is using wax toilet rings as bullet lube!

Any DIY type knows about toilet wax rings. They are icky and sticky and are used to form a seal between the flange on the floor and the bottom of the commode. They’re also cheap, and according to our host, they are made of the same stuff commonly used by bulletmakers and reloaders for decades: beeswax and petroleum.

Instead of shelling out $6 or $7 for a stick of bullet lube, you can pick up a wax ring for about $1 — and get more of it! You can modify the formula if you wish; you can make it harder by adding paraffin wax and/or help prevent leading by adding some Lee Liquid Alox bullet lube.

It’s true the rings come in, well, rings instead of sticks perfectly sized for your sizer/lubricator, but that’s no biggie. You can always melt it and pour it into a mold or into your sizer, or just cut it up in small hunks and cram those into the sizer/luber.

Using toilet wax rings as bullet lube is a great idea that should save reloaders money and help get them through any potential shortages in reloading supplies, which is sadly a thing these days. Check out the video below.

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