Hornady Ammo Shortage: ‘Doing Everything We Can’


Hornady Ammo Shortage: ‘Doing Everything We Can’

(Image: Screenshot from Hornady ammo shortage video)

With all the other COVID-19-related stuff that’s going around, a scarcity of ammunition has been well-documented and much-bemoaned by gun owners and shooters everywhere. Rumors abound along with the many complaints, and some ammo companies have responded to all the criticism and rumors by making public statements. We recently shared one by the president of Federal/CCI/Speer/Remington Ammo, and Hornady has also published a video.

In it, Jason Hornady addresses viewers and gets right down to brass tacks:

“Thanks for being a customer; we appreciate it. We understand that there is certainly an overdemand right now on ammunition availability. We promise we are shipping everything we can; the stuff that goes out today was literally put in a box yesterday.

“We’ve made one-third more than we did last year. Unfortunately we don’t have an extra factory lying around or anything else. We’ve got X number of people, we are certainly trying to add as much capacity as we can. I can promise you there is no government conspiracy, nobody’s paying us to not ship.”

I guess some folks may have wondered aloud why Hornady would continue to sell T-shirts during an ammo shortage, instead of concentrating on making ammunition. Jason addresses that as well:

“The T-shirts we don’t manufacture, we actually buy them, so they don’t affect our ammunition manufacturing.”

Wanting ammo when you can’t buy it — except at inflated prices from certain nefarious sources — is really frustrating. But Hornady and other ammo makers are doing all they can to make ammo as fast as they can. And why wouldn’t they? It’s in their best interest to make (and thus sell) as much ammo as they possibly can.

“Everybody here is working as hard as they can to make sure we ship as much as we can.

“We appreciate your patience. We understand it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating for us, too. But thank you for the business. We promise — keep shooting, because we’re going to keep making more. We promise! Thanks.”

It’s clear from here they’re doing all they can to do away with any Hornady ammo shortage that may result from all the hoarding and panic buying. But it sure would be nice if all ammo prices weren’t perpetually on the rise, wouldn’t it?¬†Government scare tactics & regulations just keep on pushing prices skyward… but I digress; here’s the Hornady ammo shortage video.

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