JoergSprave’s Version of Bug-A-Salt Salt Shotgun


JoergSprave’s Version of Bug-A-Salt Salt Shotgun

(Image: Screenshot from JoergSprave Bug-A-Salt video)

Some years ago, I got one of those funky little plastic Bug-A-Salt guns that uses table salt to shoot bugs. It’s a cool gimmick, but they’re not cheap by any means — and worse, I shot many a pest without even really phasing the flies & spiders. Mine is probably still buried in a box from when I packed up to move a few years ago… it’s just not that useful.

But when I saw that JoergSprave of The Slingshot Channel had gotten his hands on one, I knew I was in for an interesting watch. As he says:

“That’s what it is: a toy. And this is The Slingshot Channel; we don’t stop at making toys.”

He ain’t kidding! From there he shows his own version of a salt shotgun, which uses an “unbreakable” coffee cup to fling one heck of a load of salt… using rubber of course, since that’s really his signature.

Instead of pouring in loose salt, he makes a payload package by wrapping aluminum foil around some rock salt. To ensure that the salt bits will spread like shotgun pellets, he uses a saw blade to split the pouch as it exits the gun. Brilliant!

His rock salt put a small hole in the poor innocent can of beer he used as a target, but that’s not good enough, so he graduates to steel balls. But lacking the barrel of the original Bug-A-Salt, his creation is a little too “shotgunny,” so he resorts to flinging an unbroken foil pouch of ball bearings.

It’s an older video and not one of his most exciting, but it’s still cool. Enjoy!

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