Season Closing Tricks to Bag Late Season Bucks


Season Closing Tricks to Bag Late Season Bucks

Fifty or more years ago, deer hunting used to be just plain old basic sit-and-watch hunting, still hunting at a slow pace through the woods, or maybe running a well-organized deer drive over hill and dale to push the bucks out of hiding. As deer season comes to a close, are there any tricks left to get late season bucks?

Deer attractants work. They work most of the time, but the hunter has to be there to confirm its success. I have had my most successful use of products from Buck Warrior: ME2 and Buck Powder. These have unique scents that pull bucks to it. I’ve confirmed that with trail camera evidence over three seasons now. It’s a good bet for final days.

There are many other attractants on the market. The success is built on the enticement of the product via the scent factor and or taste of it. Apply these products near where you hunt along travel routes, funnels and feeding areas wherever deer travel. There are liquids to drip, limb soak, or sprays to apply, too. These can fool a deer’s nose and their curiosity.

The judicious use of specific deer scents like doe pee, buck urine and other such products along deer travel areas, around natural rubs and even late season scrapes. Scent drags still work especially well laying down a scent trail from the woods line right up to your hunting stands.

Various types of deer calls, doe calls, buck grunt calls, and such can work as well, but they are not automatic. I have had bucks completely ignore grunt calls at times, then other times stop them dead in their tracks. Be ready. Sometimes they come fast even in the last days of the annual hunt.

Rattling has mixed results on late season bucks. It does notify other bucks in the area that some buck action is underway. This can attract other bucks to investigate what is going on. Using rattling antlers does take some practice. Try mixing some rattles with some buck calls to see if there is any buck interest still alive.

And all hunters should use their own scent covers. Killing human scents of all kinds is one way to keep your hide a secret. Hide your own scent to fool a deer’s nose from discovering you. That is one trick to give you an added advantage over any buck.

There is always a luck factor working in the closing days of deer season. Late season bucks will be up and around, so get out there to hunt. Try these late season strategies to see if you can break a buck out of his hide. Deer are always curious. Keep alert.

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