Make Your Own Electronic Target with freETarget Open Source Targets


Make Your Own Electronic Target with freETarget Open Source Targets

 freETarget is an open-source program that allows the average joe to build his very own electronic rifle or pistol target right at home without needing to go to an advanced shooting facility that contains such devices. Almost all modern competitions are making use of Electronic Targets so why not give yourself the same advantages and systems you’d use during a competition? If anything, these Electronic Targets make it easier and faster for shooters to get some solid practice in without constantly walking to check on targets.

freETarget - The Free Open Source Electronic Target

freETarget – The Free Open Source Electronic Target

What is freETarget?

Virtually all competitions are now held on electronic targets. They have the advantage of providing instantaneous feedback without the necessity of peering through a scope or scoring with a plug gauge. Unfortunately, they are expensive and outside of the means of most shooters.

So what to do?

Given the success of various open source projects such as Linux or Open Office, it seems to make sense that somebody try to make an open source electronic target.

freETarget – Free E Target

FreETarget is an opensource project where the parts to make the target, electronics, and visualization software is available online and can be assembled by anybody.


freETarget - The Free Open Source Electronic Target

Who can use freETarget?

freETarget is open source, so anybody who has the technical expertise to install software on a PC should be able to make their own freETarget.

  • Advanced amateurs
  • 4H Clubs
  • Scout troops

Commercially available targets are awesome, but for most of us, who has the money. freeETarget is an international collaboration of people providing the skills needed to make an affordable Electronic Target

Ways you can use freETarget

  • You can access the GIT HUB ( for the detailed technical content. You will find the circuit and mechanical drawings, low level driver software, and the source to the PC application. Download and join the team.
  • You can purchase the assembled and tested circuit boards and build your own housing to start shooting electronically.
  • Join the team. Expanding skills are needed to move the project to the forefront of competitive shooting.
  • Join the conversation on

The system is made up of 3 major elements which include the target sensor and acquisition electronics, the target housing, and the PC visualization software. There is a complete list of where to get these items and how to assemble your own freETarget for use at your local club. This is a great example of everyday shooters using their ingenuity to meet the standards of the more professional shooting world without having to spend the money on official electronic target systems.

From what I have read on their blog, the group is making boards for people to purchase to use in their own builds; however, there is currently a waiting list for these limited production boards. All of the software, circuit assemblies, and mechanical design are being handled worldwide by a team of dedicated shooters who want everyone to have access to these advanced systems. Would you build your own freETarget for yourself or even for your local shooting club?

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