F1 Firearms is Smoking! The F1 Voyager Elite from Silencer Shop


F1 Firearms is Smoking! The F1 Voyager Elite from Silencer Shop

Suppressors (a.k.a. silencers) are probably more popular now than ever before, which makes it a great time to be SilencerShop.com, which is (you guessed it) an online shop for silencers and accessories. Right now, they’re running a cool special on a really nice can by F1 Firearms known as the F1 Voyager Elite. If you buy this titanium .30-cal suppressor, you get a $100 Silencer Shop Gift Certificate “while supplies last.” Furthermore, each F-1 Firearms Voyager Elite comes with an F1 5/8×24 Tombstone compensator. Here’s what they say about the F1 Voyager Elite:

The F-1 Firearms Voyager Elite is a 7.5-inch, 13.7 ounce .30 cal suppressor designed to provide optimal performance, even under high rates of fire. Constructed of a fully titanium monocore and sleeve design, this F-1 Firearms suppressor is highly durable and full auto rated. With their incredible accuracy and over-designed construction, the Voyager Elite is a rifle suppressor you’ll want on your range days.

With the purchase of a F-1 Firearms Voyager Elite, you’ll also receive their 5/8×24 Tombstone compensator included in the box. Using this Tombstone compensator with the Voyager Elite provides incredible accuracy and repeatability. Because of its durability and minimal point of aim / point of impact shift, this F-1 Firearms suppressor is going to be your best friend.

F1 Voyager Elite – Specifications

  • Weight: 13.8 ounces
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Build Materials: Grade 9 Titanium
  • Finish: Graphite PVD Finish
  • No minimum barrel length restrictions
  • Full auto rated
  • Includes: F1 Voyager Elite, 5/8×24 Tombstone compensator, User Manual

Finally, here’s a short “table top overview” video summarizing the assets of the F1 Voyager Elite which boasts Grade 9 titanium monocore construction with a titanium sleeve around it. They say it’s “very rugged and overbuilt” and has no barrel length restrictions, adding that “you can put 300 Win Mag through it, whatever you want.” Best of all, the Silencer Shop price of $989 falls well below the price at the F1 website which is $1199. Hmmm, a savings of $210 and a $100 gift certificate? Don’t mind if I do! Almost makes me want to think about throwing a can on the old faithful 308 deer rifle. What say you?

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