NEW Carry Belt From Versacarry: Double Ply Water Buffalo Leather


NEW Carry Belt From Versacarry: Double Ply Water Buffalo Leather

New for 2021, Versacarry has unveiled a redesigned version of their Double Ply Leather Carry Belt constructed of their signature material: premium vegetable tanned water buffalo leather. This belt is good-looking and tough – and best of all, it’s designed for carrying. Oh, and like all Versacarry leather products, it’s made in the good ol’ USA.

When it comes to concealed carry, there are folks who go plain-jane and there are those who prefer something a little more stylish. I usually tend towards the plain side of things as far as holsters – after all, my carry is concealed┬á– but belts are another thing. Your belt buckle and the belt itself is often visible, and should be nice-looking and of good quality. And that’s where this new carry belt can come in. Here’s a quote from the press release:

A quality, durable, and sturdy belt is a must-have when carrying your favorite holster and firearm. For 2021, Versacarry® has redesigned the popular Double Ply Leather Carry Belt.

The extremely durable belt is made with premium water buffalo leather, giving the belt a sturdy and long-lasting build. The Double Ply Leather Carry Belt is designed to look great with distressed brown color, edge dressed, and double stitched styling.

For more customization and fit, the belt has a removable buckle and seven adjustment holes.

I like the removable buckle feature. That means I can easily swap buckles for my enamel acoustic guitar buckle or the all-brass Power King Tractors buckle I wear most often. It’s nice to have that flexibility. The belt is offered in seven sizes (from 34 to 46 inches in two-inch increments) and they offer ordering guidelines on their website to help you choose the correct size; you DON’T use your pants size when you order a Versacarry carry belt. Instead, you use an actual measurement of your waist, including pants and holster.

Versacarry Carry Belt – Specifications

  • Premium double ply vegetable tanned Water Buffalo Leather
  • Designed for Carry
  • Extremely Durable
  • Edge Dressed
  • Distressed brown color
  • Double stitched
  • Removable Buckle
  • Seven Adjustment Holes
  • Seven Sizes/Lengths
  • MSRP – $55.00

My current leather belt is looking a bit worse for wear after a mere decade and a half of use, so I might have to pick up one of these tough new belts when they become available at the Versacarry website. How about you?

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