UtilaGrip Gun Holder – Keeps Your Guns Upright & Ready


UtilaGrip Gun Holder – Keeps Your Guns Upright & Ready

We recently took a look at the Gripper Caddy, which is more or less a portable gun rack that you can set on any surface such as a table or tailgate to prop up your gun. It’s always nice to keep your long gun controlled so it can’t fall over which could damage the firearm, scope/sights, or even cause an unintentional discharge. So, when I recently saw the UtilaGrip gun holder I knew I had to take a closer look and tell y’all about it here.

UtilaGrip is a flexible holder designed to grip the forend of a long gun while the butt of the gun is resting on the ground or the floor. Simply mount it to a vertical surface and prop up your rifle or shotgun, pushing the forend or hand guard into the flexible UtilaGrip holder (which they say is “stress tested to ensure proper compression”). You can get one UtilaGrip gun holder – which mounts via two screws – or get their “arsenal pack” which includes a QuickRail and three UtilaGrips. In that system, you mount the rail and then slide in the UtilaGrip holders.

Although not as portable as the Gripper Caddy, UtilaGrip is more “grabby” and can be screwed to the wall of a hunting blind or hunt camp to hold your gun securely. I’m seriously considering getting some UtilaGrips to install in my hunt camp to give us a nice secure place to prop our guns after a long day of hunting. Each UtilaGrip system includes two screws and two drywall anchors, regardless of whether you buy a single UtilaGrip or the Arsenal Pack. The UtilaGrip gun holder system could even be used in temporary camps; just run a couple screws into a tree or post and you’ve instantly got a safe place for your firearms. When it’s time to break camp, remove the screws and head on back to civilization.

UtilaGrip is made in the USA and comes with this 60-day guarantee: “If you are not happy for any reason you can return the product for 100% of the purchase price, less the cost of shipping, and handling charges.” On their website, one UtilaGrip is priced at $16.99 and the Arsenal Pack with three UtilaGrips and one QuickRail is $53.95. (Prices on Amazon are slightly higher at the time of this writing). Not exactly cheap, but what’s it worth to keep your valuable rifle or shotgun from hitting the floor?

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