NEW Stalkers on the Way – Swagger Bipods QD42 and QD72 Models


NEW Stalkers on the Way – Swagger Bipods QD42 and QD72 Models

I may never forget the first time I saw some Swagger bipods. It was at SHOT Show, and a guy was busily demonstrating all the different ways it could move. It was impressive because it is quite flexible while remaining robustly well-made. I’ll let Swagger sum it up for you:

Unlike traditional stiff-legged bipods, shooting sticks, or monopods, Swagger does more than simply function as a barrel rest. The adjustable telescoping legs feature flexible joints that allow infinite maneuverability, which means you get the stabilizing benefits of the bipod without the restriction of the stiff legs.

Swagger bipods are great, but most of them require a good bit of real estate on the forearm of your rifle or shotgun and attach via a sling stud that’s already installed on your rifle. The Stalker QD models change that by changing the attachment method and eliminating the body and fold-up feature found on other Swagger models.

Swagger QD models attach to an existing picatinny rail if you have one; if not you can use the included sling swivel adapter to attach it to your sling swivel stud, or buy their shotgun adapter to use it on a scattergun with a swivel stud on the end of the magazine cap.

Another change is that QD models don’t fold up because there’s no body for them to fold into; instead you press a button to detach the bipod from your gun or crossbow. Perhaps best of all, this system makes it easy to switch your Swagger bipod from one rifle, shotgun, or crossbow to another. Here’s some more info from a recent press release:

The Swagger® QD42 and Swagger QD72 Bipods aren’t simply designed for the hunter. They are intended for use by the hunter in nearly any hunting situation and using almost any type of hunting firearm, as well as crossbows.

The Stalker QD42 and QD72 feature Swagger’s patented Flex Ready Technology. The adjustable, telescoping legs are built with flexible joints that allow exceptional maneuverability, letting the hunter track a moving target and traverse over the landscape while simultaneously putting him or her in the ready position at a moment’s notice. Translation: the QD42 and QD72 provide the stabilizing benefits of a bipod without the stiffness and lack of movement in traditional bipods.

Hunting from seated positions, ground blinds and tree stands? The QD42 extends from 14 to 42 inches in length, while the QD72 starts at 24 inches and can extend all the way to 72-inches for when the hunter needs to take a standing shot.

The “QD” stands for “quick-detach,” and both the QD42 and QD72 incorporate the same QD system. Simply press the button in the yoke center to open the QD mechanism and release the button to close it. On or off requires only seconds.

Rubber covers on the feet provide a non-slip hold on smooth surfaces like the floors of shoot houses. Remove the rubber coverings, and the metal spikes can be pushed into uneven and rocky ground for needed stability. Easy to carry and lightweight, the QD42 and QD72 provide almost instant stability when that shot of a lifetime occurs.

QD42 Features:

  • Assembled weight 15 oz.
  • Most effective range 14″ to 42″
  • Push-Button Operation
  • Stalker Quick Detach Swivel Adaptor Included
  • Item#: SWAG-ST-QD42

QD72 Features:

  • Assembled weight 25 oz.
  • Most effective range 24″ to 72″
  • Push-Button Operation
  • Stalker Quick Detach Swivel Adaptor Included
  • Item#: SWAG-ST-QD72

Swagger bipods are made in the USA and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The QD42‘s MSRP is $129.99 while the QD72 is priced at $139.99.

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