POTD: F.C. Taylor Fur Getter Single Shot Trap Gun


POTD: F.C. Taylor Fur Getter Single Shot Trap Gun

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Today we have an interesting piece of outdoor history! The F.C. Taylor Fur Getter Single Shot Trap Gun. Back in the day, an idea for getting fur undamaged was with a small-caliber trap gun like the one pictured above. The metal stake would be stuck into the ground and a piece of bait on the hook out in front of the muzzle of the gun. The trap would be rigged so that a weight change from the bait would fire the pistol.

The F.C. Taylor Fur Getter Single Shot Trap Gun was a bronze 22LR pistol capable of firing at anything from weasels to the bigger game like coyotes. This photo is from Rock Island Auction Company’s website and they expand on the topic and have this to say:

Manufactured in the 1920s. Brass frame and fixtures. The basic concept of the Fur Getter is to attract all manner of furry critters right to the muzzle of this contraption through the use of the baited hook, where they meet their demise by attempting to run away with said bait which in turn pulls the hook which is attached to the trigger. One period advertisement states it can kill any animal up to a wolf without causing any damage to the fur. It shows standard features and is mounted on a swivel stake/screw for mounting in logs or other game-rich environments. Includes a period F.C. Taylor Fur Co. catalog and a possible replacement ground stake.

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