Taylor’s and Company Releases New Hickok Open Top Revolver


Taylor’s and Company Releases New Hickok Open Top Revolver

Taylor’s has just released the Hickok Open Top Revolver. This modern remix of a much older firearm is Taylor’s latest entry into their modernized yet historical lineup of revolvers. The Hickok is based on the Colt Model 1871 Open top revolver that was chambered in .44 Henry Rimfire. The Modern Hickok will be produced with models chambered in both .38 Special and .45 Long Colt meaning ammunition won’t be too difficult to find or afford.

Taylor's and Company Releases New Hickok Open Top Revolver

Taylor’s and Company Releases New Hickok Open Top Revolver

Winchester, VA – (April, 06 2021) Taylor’s & Company, the world’s leading marketers and importers of state-of-the-art historical firearms utilizing the latest innovative designs, is pleased to announce the addition of “The HICKOK” pistol to their Lifestyle Pistol Series for 2021. 

Taylor’s & Company brings to the gun enthusiast classic firearms that made cowboys, lawmen and outlaws famous, but with a modern twist.  All Taylor’s premium firearms are made using precision machinery and high-quality materials with one goal in mind; to create reliable and accurate reproductions of Civil War, Old West, hunting and tactical guns from the 19th century. The HICKOK is a perfect example.

“As we enter another decade, our vision of the “New West” continues to thrive, thanks to unmatched manufacturing,” said Rob Girard, VP of Sales & Marketing.  The HICKOK is just another example of how we try to satisfy any and all customers whether they are competitive shooters, collectors, or new gun owners. From tried-and-true workhorses to newer favorites, you can’t go wrong with this revolver.”

Included in the Lifestyle Pistol Series, the HICKOK is an 1860 Army snub nose revolver made with the modern-day shooter in mind.  It comes standard with a large Army-size grip for increased comfort and stability.  Blued parts with a case-hardened forged steel frame and smooth walnut grip make this revolver a must-have.  Other features include: walnut grips, front blade sight and rear sight on the back of the barrel.  Available in .45 LC and .38 SP calibers, the HICKOK is a must-have for the modern-day firearm collector who appreciates the history of firearms.

Available models shipping now:

Item: #9058 Caliber: .45LC Barrel length: 3.5” Capacity: 6

Item: #9059 Caliber: .38 SP Barrel length: 3.5” Capacity: 6    

MSRP: $616.14

To learn more about the HICKOK Revolver and the complete product offerings from Taylor’s & Company, please visit www.taylorsfirearms.com or follow us socially @taylorsfirearms.

Taylor's Unveils New HICKOK Revolver in 45LC and 38SP

Single-action military revolvers are a great collector’s item for almost any gun owner. I’m personally a fan of Colt’s second-generation Army revolver (1873-1892) as this revolver was so great that it found itself in service long after semi-auto handguns found their way into the world’s military ranks.

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