Wiley X to Move Global Headquarters to Frisco, Texas


Wiley X to Move Global Headquarters to Frisco, Texas

Wiley X is a veteran-founded protective eyewear provider that serves many markets including the firearms industry. Providing shooters with many options for impact-resistant eyewear, the company has recently made the decision to move its global headquarters to Frisco, Texas.

Wiley X to Move Global Headquarters to Frisco Texas

Wiley Moves Global Headquarters to Frisco Texas

Livermore, CA – Wiley X®, the leading premium protective eyewear brand, announced plans to move its operations from Livermore to Frisco, Texas. The new global headquarters, manufacturing and distribution site is set to be located in the Star Business Park and completed by Q2 2022. Wiley X joins a growing list of California-based companies seeking new locations, with many finding their new homes in the Dallas and North Texas region. The central location within the United States will increase efficiencies of shipping and distribution, in both time and cost, to the wide range of customers Wiley X supports.

“Our entire team is committed to piloting smart and sustained growth for many years to come,” said Dan Freeman, Co-Owner of Wiley X. “To take Wiley X to the next level, Frisco, Texas is the ideal location geographically and economically to set us up for a successful future. The City of Frisco and Frisco Economic Development Corporation have already been great business partners.”

Frisco – known as “Sports City USA” – is a perfect fit for Wiley X, a company committed to protection and performance for active pursuits such as shooting, fishing, and motorsports, as well as for the government/first responder network. Wiley X aligns well with Texas values, with a long history of providing protective eyewear to the United States military and being veteran-founded and family-owned. The move to Frisco will inspire the fabrication of a state-of-the-art building to elevate brand operations and will include a flagship retail store for Wiley X fans and local customers to enjoy.

“We’re thrilled to make this exciting move to Frisco,” said Myles Freeman, Jr., Co-Owner of Wiley X. “All of us at Wiley X have our sights set on servicing our customers like never before and this location is a perfect fit to propel our customer experience forward.”

“I am excited to welcome Wiley X to the Lone Star State,” Governor Greg Abbott said. “Wiley X is another in a long list of companies choosing Texas as home for its global headquarters and manufacturing and distribution center because of our thriving business climate. ‘Made in Texas’ is a powerful brand, and I look forward to watching Wiley X flourish.”

“Frisco is proud to welcome Wiley X to our veteran-ready community,” said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney. “Innovative companies like Wiley X thrive here. It’s a tremendous asset to have another world-class brand in Frisco creating great jobs for Frisco residents, including our veterans.”

Wiley X to Move Global Headquarters to Frisco Texas

Wiley has some great eyewear up for offer and I don’t exactly blame them for wanting to move out of California given the political and economical situation out there. It just seems that many companies are making their way out of the tax-hiked west coast and moving to a more friendly territory where their companies can increase their earnings and provide their employees with liveable salaries. If you’re looking for a new pair of safety glasses for your next trip to the range, consider checking out a pair. I’m personally a big fan of their shatterproof changeable glasses that allow you to configure the glasses any way you’d like.

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