From Champion: Small-Frame Ear Muffs for Kids, Women


From Champion: Small-Frame Ear Muffs for Kids, Women

Champion Range and Targets, a division of Vista Outdoors, just announced the availability of Small-Frame Ear Muffs. Built on and for, as the name implies, smaller frames, these muffs are adjustable to fit the smaller set and do away with the misery of wearing muffs that are too big. It’s a common problem, and Champion based this design on feedback from real shooters. The product should fit women and children who find traditional muffs uncomfortable.
The profile is slim allowing for a cheek weld. The muffs have a vinyl rim around the ear and black open-cell foam inside.

A comfort-padded headband matches the solid color of the muffs. They’re made from what the press release refers to as “premium materials.” Colors are black, orange, pink, gray, and blue. As of this writing, only pink and gray are in stock on the Champion website. Hearing protection is a serious matter. These muffs are rated at 21 decibels of protection, average for slim muffs. It remains to be seen if Champion will also produce an electronic version of these “ears.” In this era of expensive ammunition, new and old shooters alike will enjoy the economical price of $14.95 for the Small-Frame Ear Muffs.

Ear muffs aren’t the only frustration those with smallish heads endure. They often struggle with loose-fitting sun or safety glasses that won’t stay on or that have big lenses that can keep a hat from being lowered securely or get marred with sweat and oil because the lenses touch the wearer’s cheeks. Champion already has a problem-solver, called the Small-Framed Ballistic Shooting Glasses. Unfortunately these are only offered with clear lenses and pink temple pieces, for $14.95. With scores of new shooters coming onto the scene, a great number of them being female, these re-sized ear and eye protection products will surely be a hit.

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