POTD: Volcanic Repeating Arms Company Lever-Action Pistol-Carbine


POTD: Volcanic Repeating Arms Company Lever-Action Pistol-Carbine

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! We have seen a photo of a Volcanic Repeating Arms Lever-Action Pistol before, and all the old west fans know of it. It used proprietary caseless-style ammunition called Rocket Balls. Imagine a lead bullet (a lot like a Minié ball) with a recess in the base that is filled with powder and capped with a priming compound. This type of ammunition proved pathetic in comparison to what would come along in terms of self-contained cartridges.

“Total production of pistol-carbines is estimated to be approximately 300 or less guns. They were originally advertised as “Detached Breech Rifle Carbines.” This example is marked “THE VOLCANIC/REPEATING ARMS CO./PATENT NEWHAVEN CONN. FEB.14.1854” on the top barrel flat, has a pinched front sight and period elevation adjustable notch rear sight. Both grip panels and lever are numbered to the gun. A star is stamped on the bottom of each grip panel. The attachable stock is walnut and fitted with a brass buttplate. This firearm was examined by George Madis who found it to be “original and correct” as stated in the accompanying Madis letter.”

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