POTD: Charles Lancaster Four-Barreled Pistol – Howdah Pistol Royalty


POTD: Charles Lancaster Four-Barreled Pistol – Howdah Pistol Royalty

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Ah, yes, the Lancaster Pistols! These short-lived icons of the 19th century are often referred to as Howdah pistols which by definition are typically bigger bore multi-barreled pistols. As stated in the description below, they were favored amongst British officers while in Africa. It is rumored that some even made their way to World War One front lines.

“…this pistol was made in 1895 and sold to a Mr. Harold S. Maur. This may be Major Richard Harold St. Maur (1869-1927) , often known as Harold St. Maur, of the 14th Hussars and Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry, a veteran of the Boer Wars and First World War. Many officers assigned to Africa and India chose Lancasters as their personal sidearms, but the total production of these pistols is estimated at just 712 further subdivided into smaller volumes in the various calibers. The top flute of the barrel cluster is marked “CHARLES LANCASTER PATENT 151 NEW BOND ST.” and has a blade front sight, and the left flute has “360 No 5 CF.” The bottom of the barrels has “76.” The breech face is stamped “PATENT CHARLES LANCASTER” in a circle. “8597” is inscribed on the trigger guard, and a lanyard ring is on the heel. Includes a hardwood case with oiler, cleaning rod, bore mop, and key.”

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