POTD: Prototype Reiger M1889 Manual Repeating Rotary Magazine Pistol


POTD: Prototype Reiger M1889 Manual Repeating Rotary Magazine Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Rock Island Auction Company is a well-established entity in the world of firearms and in a way they are responsible for the circulation of history which I am all about! I highly recommend checking them out. Today they have given us a photo of a prototype Reiger Pistol with a really cool rotary magazine. They do a wonderful job going into detail about how it all works below.

“This one of a kind prototype M1889 Reiger pistol functions using one of the most mechanically advanced manual repeating systems known in early pistol design. Predating semi-automatic pistol designs, this repeater functions through the use of a ring lever that is manually pulled backwards to move the bolt forward, indexing the internal six round rotary magazine one position and chambering a round. At the rearward most point of travel, the stand alone trigger is bumped, releasing a striker operated center fire firing pin contained inside the bolt. After firing, the ring lever is then manually pushed forward to move the bolt backwards and eject a spent case.

This pistol functions similar to a Schulhof pistol from the same time period. Adjustable front and ramped sliding rear sight. Completely unmarked. The right side of the frame has a sliding door that reveals a removable sheet metal constructed skeleton frame six round rotary magazine with cylinder indexing grooves on its rear. Rear mounted sliding safety below the bolt, operated by pushing it to the left in order to block the rear end of the bolt, which locks the bolt in the closed position. If already cocked, the safety will also enter a catch under the rear of the protruding firing pin. Moving the safety to the right allows for full operation.”

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