POTD: Before The Rough Rider and Wrangler – Colt Frontier Scout


POTD: Before The Rough Rider and Wrangler – Colt Frontier Scout

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! This time around I have a photo I took of my good friend’s Colt Single-Action Frontier Scout 22LR. The Frontier Scout was Colt‘s attempt at making an affordable Single-Action Army for the everyman and average-joe after its second introduction of the Single-Action Army hit stores. These guns are similar to modern guns like the Ruger Wrangler and Heritage Rough Rider since they are all alloy framed revolvers. This makes them easier to make and sell since they are overall cheaper guns.

The Colt Single-Action Frontier Scout 22LR was made from 1957 to 1970 and boasted more than 350,000 manufactured in that thirteen-year stretch. This particular Colt Frontier Scout is from 1959 and I found that out on Colt’s fantastic serial number lookup on their website. I briefly detailed working with this gun over at our sister site TheFirearmBlog.com for a Wheelgun Wednesday article. Next Wednesday lookout for a much deeper dive into this curious relic.

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