Can-Am Off Road Gives to Texas Game Wardens via Can-Am for a Cause


Can-Am Off Road Gives to Texas Game Wardens via Can-Am for a Cause

The work of a Texas Game Warden is a difficult task on paper, but then once you account for the tumultuous terrain they must cover to accomplish their work, it becomes even more daunting. Understanding this, Can-Am Off Road has their “Can-Am for a Cause” program to give back to those – like the Texas Game Wardens – who are also giving back to their community.

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This generous donation that Can-Am Off Road made through their Can-Am for a Cause program will go to directly benefit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. More information is shared through the Press Release listed below:

Plano, Texas, September 30, 2021 — Can-Am, as part of its Can-Am for a Cause program, is donating a 2021 Can-Am Defender PRO to Gear Up for Game Wardens, a dedicated group of Texas citizens that’s partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation to help advance the capabilities of Texas Game Wardens.

Texas is big. Really big. And its remote terrain varies from sprawling, wide open flatlands to some of the most grueling and unforgiving landscape in the country. That’s what makes it challenging for Texas Game Wardens to cover the more than 10 million miles they travel each year, watching over the lands, waters, wildlife, and people of Texas.

Enter Can-Am Off-Road and its lineup of incredibly capable, tough, and reliable side-by-side vehicles and ATVs. It’s a perfect match to get the job done. And at the top of that list for a job as tough as a Texas Game Warden’s is the Can-Am Defender PRO, the most capable Can-Am side-by-side ever.

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This donation was made as a joint effort with the East Texas Powersports – Lufkin, and along with “Can-Am for a Cause” it provides support to the communities in which Can-Am operates. The Can-Am Off Road’s North American headquarters is in Plano, Texas so the team has a front row seat to the challenges of being a Texas Game Warden. They know that taking care of the land ensures the longevity of the amazing Texas way of life, and that’s a priority and the purpose of this gift. Surely, this gift will be put to great use by the Texas Game Wardens on a daily basis as well. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

About Gear Up for Game Wardens

Gear Up for Game Warden provides specialized equipment that Texas Game Wardens need to be able to do their daily work efficiently with high level of safety for the people of Texas – whether ensuring the safety of the rural region, respecting the hunting and fishing regulations, search and recuse or providing assistant when natural disasters happen.

About Can-Am for a Cause

In late 2019, the Texas Can-Am Off-Road sales team proved that when we come together and put in practice our passion and drive, we can really make a difference. The team created the Texas Community Fund, a vehicle donation project in partnership with our dealer network in Texas, to help deserving local non-profit organizations who share common values with BRP and who could benefit from the utility of a Can-Am Defender.

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