POTD: Screen Used Band of Brothers “Prop” Thompson Submachine Gun


POTD: Screen Used Band of Brothers “Prop” Thompson Submachine Gun

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Who was not super excited back when HBO was blasting our TV screens with Band of Brothers? Here we have a screen used Thompson Submachine Gun and some webbing kit. The Thompson itself is a rubber movie prop, but you can see it was made to look like it had been through a war! The auction for this piece took place back in 2012 which surprisingly to me did not bring a ton of money. This rubber piece of cinematic history only went for $518. That is a steal in my book for an ultimate talking piece in your collection. “I have a Tommy Gun but it is rubber… because it was used in Band of Brothers!”

“This lot is comprised of a hard plastic/rubber copy Thompson submachine gun “movie prop” actually used in various sequences of the HBO series “Band Of Brothers” along with an original webbing rig worn during the movie in the chapter, “Attack on Carentan, Normandy” scene by Bart Ruspoli who played PFC Edward Tipper. The Thompson “prop” is a non firing non working movie machine gun. The webbing rig is complete with belt, suspenders with felt shoulder pads, pack, canteen, two magazine pouches, one utility pouch, first aid packet and a trenching tool. Accompanied by a “Letter of Authenticity” from Rare Props that certifies that the Thompson SMG was used in various sequences in the mini series “Band of Brothers” and obtained directly by Rare Props from Hatfield Studios after the filming.”

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