POTD: Unique Flintlock V-Spring Black Powder Tester


POTD: Unique Flintlock V-Spring Black Powder Tester

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! So, this is a new discovery for me. Here we have a powder tester made to test batches of black powder. This most likely was made in a time where black powder was still prominent. The way powder testers work is that it is basically a gun loaded with a charge of black powder and no projectile. When fired (in this case) the cup at the front of the muzzle is forced forward a certain measurable amount. This amount indicates how much bang a batch of powder has and if it is within specification for what that company was trying to achieve.

“This V-spring powder tester is without maker markings. The scale is graduated to 80 and features a sliding brass measuring indicator. The action has a sliding hammer safety. The scale screws on to the frame. Fitted with a one-piece walnut grip that features extensive fine checkering.”

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