POTD: Unmarked Queen Anne Style Flintlock Powder Tester


POTD: Unmarked Queen Anne Style Flintlock Powder Tester

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have another black powder tester. This one comes to us in the form of a typical Queen Anne style of flintlock. This style of powder tester is much more common than the one from yesterday. This one utilizes a spring-loaded wheel that turns when a powder charge is discharged. This is probably a much more effective and readable version of a powder tester than the large V-Spring powder tester that we looked at yesterday.

“Similar in design to a Queen Anne pistol, this flintlock gunpowder tester has a brass frame with the remaining metal being iron. The rotating indicator is graduated from 1 to 10. It is fitted with a one piece bird head style walnut grip. There are no maker markings, but was likely manufactured in England circa 1670-1710. According to the consignor’s notes this tester was once part of the Wolfe collection and is the only known Queen Anne style powder tester of its kind.”

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