I Lost my Multi-Tool… and now use the Versacarry Multitool OWB Holster


I Lost my Multi-Tool… and now use the Versacarry Multitool OWB Holster

I used to have a fine multitool. On a recent excursion the cloth loop that attached the former multitool to my belt evidently ripped as I was getting into or out of my vehicle. I did not notice the loss until several hours and many miles later. Yes, I looked under the seats, down under the cushions, no good. The former multitool likely fell off in a parking lot somewhere and is now in a new home. So, in need of a new multi-tool and better supporting holster, I turned my gaze to the Versacarry Multitool (OWB) Holster.

Standard disclaimer: I’m not getting paid to do this review, but I also must say I own several IWB/OWB holsters and I like the Versacarry products and customer focused business model.

While I have not replaced the multitool I am more than ready with a better way to carry it. Versacarry makes a durable and highly functional Versacarry Multitool (OWB) Holster. This holster will no doubt prevent future mishaps. The leather and stitching is solid, just like their Versacarry gun holsters. The empty multitool holster weight is just a touch over three ounces on any of my reloading scales, just over four inches tall, and just over 7 inches long. This holster rides nicely on the hip. As delivered to my door the leather is 3 mm thick and stiff so I have started with small implements as I work the leather to be more pliable. The holster attaches by one visible and one hidden loop. This holster can hold a number of items, but mine holds a knife, a flashlight, and a soon to be purchased replacement multitool.

versacarry multitool

Specifications – Versacarry Multitool (OWB) Holster

  • Thumb Strap for the Multitool
  • Push Up Feature
  • Raised Protective Backing
  • Expedited Break-In
  • Multitool: Made to fit Leatherman Bond, Leatherman Free P2, P4, or similar styles.
  • Flashlight: Made to fit flashlights of 1″ diameter; Mini Maglite, Olight S2R, or similar styles.
  • Pen: Fits pens up to .45″ diameter; regular sized sharpies, tactical pen, or similar styles. Pen must have clip.
  • Vegetable-Tanned Water Buffalo Leather
  • Industrial Grade Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Designed for use with a standard 1.5″ wide belt designed for carry.
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Returns

The Multitool Holster is made of premium water buffalo leather to comfortably and conveniently carry your multitool, flashlight, and pen.  No tools included. Accessory add ons available for the flashlight and pen.

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