POTD: The Fox Rifle – A Machinegun Lost to Flames!


POTD: The Fox Rifle – A Machinegun Lost to Flames!

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an extremely interesting machinegun that I was wholly unfamiliar with and I had the chance to dive into some research and find out why. The Fox Rifle or Fox Carbine was designed by a gentleman by the name of Gerard J. Fox. Mr. Fox was a World War Two veteran who wanted to make his own machinegun in the 1960s mostly based on one of his personal favorite machineguns, the PPSH. The Fox Rifle which Mr. Fox called “Gerry” was a fairly simple design that included modern types of innovation. It was an open bolt firearm with a fixed firing pin like a lot of submachine guns of the time. It also had barrel interchange technology so you could swap from 9mm to 45acp. This specific rifle is fitted for 45acp. The end of the Fox Rifle was not bankruptcy or gun laws regarding NFA items… it was a fire. The Fox Business and manufacturer went up in flames on April 27th, 1976 and the business never recovered.

“Includes a canvas sleeve, two extra magazines and a “U.S.” marked Boyt canvas sling dated ’43′”

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Fox Rifle

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