POTD: One of The First Intermediate Carbines – Mannlicher Model 1901


POTD: One of The First Intermediate Carbines – Mannlicher Model 1901

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a Mannlicher 1901 Carbine. The Mannlicher Model 1901 was one of the first true intermediate-caliber carbines much like the United States M1 Carbine, for example. It was a direct iteration of their Mannlicher semi-automatic pistol which in itself was similar to the Mauser C96. It was short recoil-operated and it used a bottleneck style of cartridge in the form of 7.63 Mannlicher. Think of a 30 Mauser cartridge blown up to 30 carbine size.

“Designed by Ferdinand Ritter Von Mannlicher of Austria, the Mannlicher Model 1901 Carbine is lightweight and compact, and uses a short recoil action with a concealed internal hammer, a reciprocating cocking lever that doubles as a hammer position indicator and a detachable double-stack magazine assembly. Blade front and 4-position tangent peep rear sights, with the “1906” date on top of the chamber, with “crown N” commercial Nitro proofs under another unidentified, possibly Austrian proof. Matching “358” serial number on multiple parts including the magazine and an integral clip guide. The smooth forearm encloses nearly the entirety of the barrel, with a matching numbered cap/sight base at the front, a checkered pistol grip, right handed cheekpiece, sling swivels and a smooth steel buttplate.”

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Mannlicher Model 1901

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