POTD: Dardick 1500 Carbine – Space Rifle of The Future


POTD: Dardick 1500 Carbine – Space Rifle of The Future

Welcome to today’s Photo of the DayHere we have a Dardick Carbine! Well, sort of. I had previously covered this 1950s future gun in its pistol form along with the Gyrojet and its carbine. The reason I said sort of at the beginning is that the Dardick firearm itself was very easily changed from pistol to rifle and vice versa. There is a center pin screw of sorts at the front of the cylinder just under the barrel that can be loosened. After that screw is backed out the barrel can be removed and the pistol can be easily fit into the carbine stock and barrel and you are good to go. The story of the Dardick is fascinating since it really is this thing that was intended to be the future if not only for a moment. At one point in the 1950s, the United States military realized that triangular-shaped cartridges would mean a firearm could hold more ammunition in its magazine. This idea was scrapped fairly quickly with some light testing and logistics, but an inventor by the name of Dardick picked up the idea and ran with it. Suddenly these triangular cartridges or trounds as they were called burst onto the scene and then quickly evaporated with a lack of reliability, interest, and sales.

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