New Optic for A Classic HK? Wright Armory Makes it Possible


New Optic for A Classic HK? Wright Armory Makes it Possible

Wright Armory of Mesa, Arizona recently announced that, after months of R&D, they’ve developed a design and process for a universal system of optics mounting for Heckler & Koch P2000, P30, and HK45 pistols. They call it the i-DOT (interchangeable dot) System.

Now, owners of these classic double-/single-action shooters don’t have to go without the latest accessory. The i-DOT treatment includes in-house slide milling, and mounting plate for the user’s choice of a Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint ACRO, Holosun 509T, Holosun 507k, or other sight compatible with one of those optics’ “footprints.” All mounting screws are included as is the actual mounting and bore sighting of the user’s optic, if desired. The job also entails installation of a black rear iron sight and black Cerakote on the slide post-milling. Users will enjoy a lower-third co-witness of the new rear sight and existing front sight. It is necessary to send the slide and its entire contents including the barrel and recoil spring/guide rod (not the entire pistol) to the shop.


Wright Armory even promises that owners can watch their own gun or gun parts undergo gunsmithing via the company’s streaming service. Now that’s really different!

Turnaround time for this treatment is six to eight weeks. The standard price is $450; however, Wright Armory is offering a $50 discount for orders received before close of business on January 21, 2022. Suppressor-height sights are optional for an additional charge. Up-front payment in full is required. The charge for return shipping will be done at the time of shipping. Orders must be submitted using the company’s Gunsmithing Order Page.

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Wright Armory made gunsmithing history in 2021 when they became the exclusive provider of NP3 and NP3+ components coating for the retail market, after the only source of this treatment, Robar, ceased selling NP3 products for retail use. NP3 has been justifiably popular for use in firearms due to its outstanding corrosion resistance and an extraordinary satin finish that looks attractive while being resistant to carbon buildup, remaining durable, and easy to clean. The company website maintains an outstanding educational guide to the qualities of the most popular finishing treatments for the steel components of firearms.

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