[SHOT 2022] Survivor Filter: Active All-Terrain & Pro X Water Filtration


[SHOT 2022] Survivor Filter: Active All-Terrain & Pro X Water Filtration

Another company that caught AllOutdoor’s eye while out at “Industry Day at the Range” during SHOT Show 2022 was Survivor Filter. They brought with their NEW Active All-Terrain Water Filtration and Pro X Electric Water Filter. Both of which could be valuable companions for the more outdoorsy and adventurous folks among us.

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The Active All-Terrain Water Filtration system is an affordable option for those who want to be able to filter water when out hiking, hunting, and/or camping. At a retail price of $45, you have a mobile system that can remove 99.99% of lead, chlorine, VOC’s, and other toxic chemicals or heavy metals. Overall, it has a 100-gallon filter lifespan which is enormous for a packable water filter system.

The other marquee product Survivor Filter had on display was the Pro X Electric Water Filter which is actually the world’s first electric water filter. This water filtration system has a gargantuan 100,000 liter lifespan, can filter up to 17 ounces of water per minute, and removes 99.999% of parasites, staph, and bacteria. It boasts replaceable and cleanable filters, and can even improve the taste and odor of water. The Pro X Electric Water Filter can be run on 2-AA batteries, a power-bank, or it can be simply plugged into a wall outlet.

So, whether you are at the cabin or out in nature, this could be a great asset to bring with you to always ensure you have a clean water source. Stay tuned to AllOutdoor all week long to catch information on all of the new products unveiled! As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below. We always appreciate your feedback.

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Survivor Filter Active All-Terrain Water Filtration system – MSRP $45
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